Monday, 28 May 2012

A visit to the monthly Market at Cariatiz

A visit to the Monthly Market at Cariatiz

 where you will find some or all of the following! and new stalls every month!

Home made cakes, Shirley
Preserves, cosmetics, pot pourri Frederique

Weaving palmito, Andres

Eco fruit and veg, Jackie
Carved stone and eco fruit, Uli
Jewellery, Indre
Savouries, Sandrine
Escoba brooms

Cosmetics and lemon curd, Val

Woven baskets
Pastries & preserves, Angela

Creative decoration of recycled clothes, Gabriella

Plus! traditional music and dancing from Sorbas .....

New stalls are always welcome. 

Call Frederique on 722759450

Next market

Sunday June 24th

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